Online Art Lessons

"When I moved to Bexhill a couple of years ago, I hadn’t painted for over 25 years and had no real intention of starting again.

One Saturday, a friend took me along to a Kerry Bennett demonstration in a Bexhill art shop. Watching Kerry that day decided me that, when I was ready to paint again, she was the teacher I wanted.

It took me some time to find the motivation, but I did eventually join one of Kerry’s classes in late 2019. Since then I haven’t stopped painting. Kerry is such a great teacher, always encouraging me to learn new techniques and offering constructive hints and tips to improve my work.

Since the lockdown, I’ve signed up for Kerry’s online video lessons. I love these because I can work at my own pace and replay the bits where I’m not sure. Then I email my finished “works” to Kerry for critique and lots of encouragement and advice. My animals’ eyes always seem to make her laugh!

I would recommend Kerry to anyone at any level. She will help you improve and achieve your goals with a lot of fun along the way."